The Beginning

The Beginning

confection  noun   con·fec·tion \kən-ˈfek-shən\

1. a sweet preparation of fruit or the like, as a preserve or candy.
2. the process of compounding, preparing, or making something.
3. a frivolous, amusing, or contrived play, book, or other artistic or literary work.
4. something finely crafted or confected; a concoction: 
5. something, as a garment or decorative object, that is very delicate,elaborate, or  luxurious and usually nonutilitarian.
6. Pharmacology. a medicated preparation made with the aid of sugar,honey, syrup, or the like.

A few years ago I was contemplating starting a small catering business.  I was emailing back & forth with a godly friend who was well versed in business & tax issues.  My friend Wayne has a great sense of humor & loves a play on words.

He signed one email “Confectionately Yours, Wayne.”

I was reminded of the verse in Romans 12, “Be ye kindly affectioned, one toward another, in brotherly love.”  Since I love to bake for my friends…I tend to be kindly “confectioned” one to another.

I was plowing through Exodus in my daily bible reading with all the temple/worship commands, & I saw that Exodus 30:35 has the word CONFECTION in it. I had never noticed that before.  (‘Plowing through’ means this was of those JUST DO IT times-the details were mind boggling) :-)

My bible dictionary describes the word confection as “a compound of various ingredients.”

Moses was told was to combine a mixture of spices with pure frankincense.  This sweet perfume was to be used in the worship of the Lord God ONLY.  This confection was to be a HOLY scent.

Our lives, too, are a ‘compound of various ingredients.’  God, family, friends, home, work, church, hobbies…all coming together to make YOU unique! YOU are a CONFECTION!

I invite you to hang in there with me as we begin this journey of hospitality-related radio segments and posts.   You can listen online at  Confectionately Yours airs at 11:25 am  after Revive Our Hearts.

I am so looking forward to our time together!!

Confectionately Yours,