Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

 A water stain had mysteriously appeared on my dining room ceiling leading me to suspect that my gutters they were clogged. When WAS the last time I had them cleaned out??

A handyman friend from church came to inspect & advise.  He also noted my outdoor central air unit had a significant buildup of STUFF on the filter.  He kindly pointed out that if this buildup wasn’t dealt with regularly, my unit would have to work harder….& in true “Murphy’s Law” fashion, would probably breakdown on the hottest or coldest day of the year!!

To clean the AC, my friend had to turn off the unit & disassemble the entire cover.  I watched with gratitude…& yes, a few tears, as he explained the process & performed the task.  A few minutes of his time & expertise took a huge load of worry off my Widow plate!! A hosing off every 3 months or so would prevent the complete cover removal my friend had to do.  I CAN do that!

I have to tell you that all this happened when I was feeling so overwhelmed keeping up with the home maintenance tasks my husband & I used to tackle together!!

As I spend time with the Lord alone talking over the things that give me such anxiety, God listens-His Word says so!!   He has brought along people to help.

Funny, now I hone in on those Bible verses about how God does not forget about the widow & the fatherless.  I barely noticed them before my husband’s death.  Folks who minister to me receive my thanks & prayers for blessing from God. 

If YOU know a widow (or a single parent) you can help out…there is a blessing in store for YOU.

Below is a link for some home maintenance tips.   This organized gent says it better than I ever could.

Confectionately Yours,