Go Away Happy

Go Away Happy

I was preparing to run out the door of my childhood home under a shower of rice with my new husband.  My Aunt Gertrude thrust a paper bag at me.  She called it was a “Go-Away-Happy Sack.”

My aunt ran a country store & had filled that paper bag with a variety of items.  It did not escape my notice that there was TWO of everything-Candy bars, gum, mints, & even 2 bottles of aspirin. 

I was touched by the thoughtful simplicity of this gift, & the reminder that is wasn’t about ME anymore, it was about US. There was sweet stuff in the bag perhaps because we are always hopeful in new beginnings for the SWEET STUFF in life.  The aspirin reminded me that pain in life was inevitable, & we’d better be prepared for that, too.

I learned later on that my aunt had many a rocky road in her marriage, but she trusted God to work it all out.  She faced life with courage, heart for others, hope & humor.

I put together my own version of a “Go-Away-Happy” sack for my friend Caroline.  She often commented on my use old galvanized metal tubs when I entertain others, SO I’m putting all the sweet stuff in perhaps her first of many rustic metal buckets.  This story will be tucked in there, too, & buried underneath all the goodies are 2 bottles of aspirin.  Perhaps Aunt Gertrude started a tradition!

Go Away Happy


Confectionately Yours,