Bossy the Cow

Bossy the Cow

My friend Lisa & I were working side by side for a children’s church event.  During the lull between kiddies, we chatted. I asked her what she does for fun.

She told me of her friends Kim & Holly that she does stuff with.  If at all possible, these 3 girlfriends hang together.

A trip to Gatlinburg was in the works.  Holly was unable to make the trip, but Lisa & Kim came up with a brilliant way to include her in the fun.

They went to Holly’s home & kidnapped a cow shaped concrete lawn ornament from her front yard.  It was about the size of a cookie jar.   They left a ransom note on the front door & took “Bossy the cow “on an unexpected vacation. 

Lisa & Kim photographed Bossy on the sky line, playing putt putt golf, &  dining at a BBQ restaurant.  

They found the scariest looking biker dude they could & had him hold Bossy while pictures were snapped.  Other tourists were smiling at their antics, & of course this added to their enjoyment of the trip.

I love the creativity of these ladies as they make their friendship a priority that refreshes them all.  Time with good friends gives LIFE to our life.

Their latest endeavors include thinking up things to do starting with the letter A & ending with Z.    A -was for a trip to Amish country, B- was for a baseball game, …you get the drift.  It may take a while to make it through the alphabet, but I hope I can wrangle an invite when they get to “M”.

Lisa’s has given me her recipe for Thanksgiving Sandwiches…a dish made often when these girls get together.

I’m Sue Murphy with an ‘M’…& I am Confectionately Yours

Thanksgiving Sandwiches

16 oz can of canned boned chicken (Lisa recommends Sweet Sue brand) 
1 can Chicken broth
1 box of chicken flavored Stove Top stuffing
Dump chicken & stuffing mix in crockpot (Lisa’s words, not mine)  *grin*
Moisten with chicken broth to get desired texture.  (I’m guessing not too soupy or dry as this is served on bread.)
Cook in crockpot for at least on 3-4 hours.  Pepper to taste.
Serve on buns.  

Note:  She usually doubles recipe to get a full crockpot.   Lisa says, “It’s really easy, but so tasty!”