Christiana & the Artist

Christiana & the Artist

I’m not generally envious of others, but I found myself feeling so the morning my Pastor related a story about my friend Christiana.  You see, she thought up a positively brilliant way to encourage Preacher & his family.  He shared it with us that Sunday morning.

One of the greatest joys in Preacher’s life are his grandchildren.  His grandson Bo has Down’s Syndrome & is an extra special blessing to them.

When I first met Bo, he was 6 months old with many health problems.  His condition was a shock to the family initially, but every accomplishment these past 17 years has been celebrated as blessing from the Lord.

Bo loves to sing & draw.  One day a letter arrived at his home with a check inside.  My friend Christiana had commissioned Bo for some artwork.  Her letter to him requested a drawing of his choice, stating that she wanted it before He became famous & she wouldn’t be able to afford his work.  Christiana has a quirky sense of humor I just love!!

Bo was so excited about this & spent days working on the piece.  His mom, Tina, told me that even now, Bo will refer to his commissioned work stating, “I can’t believe someone would pay me for my art.”

Christiana saw Bo’s giftedness & valued it.  She affirmed him, & in turn, blessed his parents & grandparents, too. She has inspired me to look for creative ways to encourage.

We are told in Scripture to bless others, ESPECIALLY, in the household of faith.  I have asked Christiana to share one of her favorite recipes with me.

This is the promised recipe from my friend Christiana, in her own words.     :-)  She is an avid gardener, and is one of the few women I know that hunts & fishes with enthusiasm.
I love how we can find common ground as believers in Christ, but how we are as different as night & day, enjoying & celebrating those differences in each other.
Okay, this is one of my ‘camping’ fish recipes. I swallowed a fish bone last year, so I only use skinned/filleted fish now.

Vegetable oil (expect to spend $3-$5 for a small bottle at a typical bait-shop store)
1-3 fresh fish fillets, cut into 1 inch strips
Flour (1-2 cups or about 4 handsful)
1 lemon (best to pack a sack of lemons to take)
1 egg, beaten
Paper plates
Paper towels
Frying pan
Stove (or electric hot plate)

Line up four paper plates in a row. Place fish on 1st plate, flour on 2nd plate, beaten eggs on 3rd plate, and more flour on 4th plate. Cut lemon into good sized wedges and squeeze juice over both sides of fish. Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper. Dredge fish in flour on 2nd plate, roll fish in beaten egg on 3rd plate, and carefully place fish on flour in 4th plate. Sprinkle flour over both sides of fish, carefully so you don’t rub off all the good stuff. Repeat steps until all the fish is coated. I usually just leave the fish on the 4th plate until it’s all ready to fry.

Wipe hands on paper towel (trust me, you can’t skip this step).

Heat frying pan and about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of oil until it’s hot. Add prepared fish and fry, turning once, until browned on each side (usually a few minutes per side).

When done, put fish on a paper towel-lined plate or two. Enjoy!

Confectionately Yours,