He is the Potter

He is the Potter

 A few years ago I noticed that grocery stores were selling butter in holiday shapes like turkeys and Christmas trees.  I also noticed this edible art was the equivalent of a quarter pound of butter and cost MORE than a FULL pound.

I confess a smug satisfaction in seeing this expensive molded butter in the store.  I have been doing my own for years. 

 There are so many kinds of molds you can use to obtain the shaped butter.  Metal gelatin molds or mini cake pans can be used.  The newer silicone molds are perfect for this technique because of their flexibility.  The butter just pops out. 

To begin, allow butter to soften to room temp.  With an offset spatula, found in the cake decorating aisle, spread the butter into the mold, filling all the nooks and crannies.  Keep packing it in until the mold is tightly filled. Cover with plastic wrap & press down as tight as you can, then freeze until solid.

If you use a metal or plastic mold, dip the mold briefly into hot water, hold it upright, and tap it onto the countertop until the butter loosens and pops out.   If your creation has some bubbles or gaps, allow it to soften and try again.  After all, it is just butter. 

As Christians, we need to have a mindset like room temp butter.  When we are soft-hearted & yielding to His will, we can conform to the perfect image of God’s son.

He is the Potter & we are the clay…or in this case, the BUTTER!

Confectionately Yours,


 Note-Do not melt the butter & pour into the mold.  You will change the creamy consistency of the butter.