Family Traditions

Family Traditions

 The stores are loaded with Christmas goodies.  I came across those Advent calendars where little chocolates are the treat as the days until Christmas are counted down. My husband first began buying those for our kids when they were preschoolers.  At the time, we could only find them at the base exchange where we were stationed.

They loved the idea of daily candy counting down to Christmas.  As a special treat I even allowed them to open the little window before breakfast-Unheard of except at that wonderful time of year.

As the years passed, and the kids grew into tweens and high-schoolers, we still continued this advent calendar tradition because it was just fun to be a little kid again. 

That first Christmas after my husband had died was expectedly a difficult one.  I didn’t even consider buying the Advent calendars.  Our family traditions just hurt too much without Greg.  In fact, even seeing them on display was kind of painful.

As time passed, we began a new tradition of sorts.  As a family, we are on the lookout for folks who might just need a place to hang their hat during the holiday.  Maybe someone is grieving like we were that first year, or lives far enough away from family that they cannot get home to be with their folks. 

As Christians, we need to be sensitive to the needs of others, given to hospitality, & willing to share what we have.  The Apostle Paul might have said it best in Acts 27:3 when he gave detail of a missionary journey. This scripture says -And the next [day] we touched at Sidon. And Julius courteously entreated Paul, and gave [him] liberty to go unto his friends to refresh himself.

Inviting someone into our family circle gives us the opportunity to minister to them, and perhaps leave both them & us refreshed.  I love that!!

I already have a few folks in mind for this Christmas season, but there is always room for more.  I am planning a make soup buffet with a cheese ball, fresh veges with dip & homemade cookies.

The prep will all be make-ahead and fairly stress free for this hostess.  Christmas meals don’t have to be a huge sit down dinner you know.  It is the company that really matters.

Confectionately Yours,