Be Firmly Anchored

Be Firmly Anchored

Firmly Anchored Wreath

I enjoy decorating with silk florals.  The availability & quality of these have improved so over the years that some really look lifelike.  I store my florals in clear boxes according to season & color.  I mix and match with abandon.

I tend not to glue down or anchor the flowers & greenery because after the event, I take it all apart for storage. This generally works, but not on my front door!!

I change that decoration seasonally.  I tweak each wreath to my liking, but I have realized that if I do not firmly position all the materials to the wreath, the wind blows them off over time.

You would think that after picking up random bits & pieces scattered on the porch & tucking them back in the wreath that I would get the message!! 

I really mean to, but after slipping them back in place, I get distracted by the mail in the box or getting the shopping bags off the porch, & into the house.  You know….that stuff called “life.”

We are told in Scripture to be rooted & grounded in Christ, & we are not to be swayed by every wind of doctrine that comes our way.  Unless we are firmly planted in the scripture, God’s instruction book…we will like those bit & pieces on my wreath that fall away when the wind blows.

I’m told that experts in counterfeit money do not study the fakes. They study the REAL thing, so that when the counterfeits come their way, they can recognize it for what it is.

I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit that I spent most of my Christian life visiting the Scriptures when it was convenient.  I wondered why I didn’t have consistent joy, increasing faith, & a growing understanding that God is who He says He is, & can do what He says He can Do.

Above is a picture of firmly anchored wreath.  :-)

Confectionately Yours,