The Prideful Gingerbread

The Prideful Gingerbread

Prideful Gingerbread

It was my first year at a new job.  I had been there about 3 months when a gingerbread contest between the departments was announced.  I volunteered to make the submission for my dept.

Instead of the usual house, I decided to depict an emergency room similar to my workplace made entirely of edibles.  My creative juices were flowing.

My gingerbread ER had cookie people in scrubs matching those we wore. The gingerbread wheelchairs had both large & small Oreo cookies as wheels.  The floors were black & white fondant tiles that rested next to gingerbread walls covered with royal icing sponge-painted with food color that matched the wallpaper in our ER.    

To say I immersed myself in this project would have been an understatement.  I not only enjoyed the process, but the many compliments that came after.  I was confident WE…or rather, I would take the contest prize.

BUT, those who were in charge of the judging never declared a winner.  It was reported that the ballot box was tampered with, so no prizes were awarded.  What? After all the accolade, no prize??

That contest became a sore subject with me. My co-workers even commented, “Please do not even mention GINGERBREAD to Sue!!!”  They said it jokingly, but there is truth in jest.

I HAD taken something enjoyable, & inflated it with a prideful spirit.  And when things didn’t turn out according to MY plan, discontent moved in & complaining became my companion.

 However, I learned something positive from this time.  Talents & abilities can be used to encourage others IF we can keep our focus off SELF & resist being prideful.

Confectionately Yours,


If you check out the book above, you can find the recipe I used. Generally these recipes for building are very dense to hold their shape.  I don’t find them especially delicious, just edible. :)

Note:  I’m really bad about taking pictures in general.  I don’t have one of this project.

I wrote a poem that was displayed beside the Gingerbread ER.  It was take on The Night Before Christmas that went something like this…

‘Twas the week before Christmas & in our ER
We treated some strangers that came from afar.

Santa & his reindeer were on a ‘test-drive’
When all of a sudden, they took a nose dive.

Out in the parking lot we heard such a clatter,
That we sprang from our chairs to see what was the matter.

Who’d have thought that in Auburn, they’d take such a spill?
And we’d have to perform a ‘deer-disaster’ drill.

We triaged them swiftly according to need,
And registered them quickly with skill & with speed.

There were bruises & fractures, We said, “What a mob!!”
And poor Rudolph is going to need a “nose job.”

And out on the lawn EMS had to lift poor Santa right out of a fluffy snow drift!
They all were treated to our satisfaction, & none were required to be placed in some traction.

But we heard them exclaim as they flew out of sight
“DMH* really helped us & now we’re alright.”

(*Dekalb Memorial Hospital in Auburn, IN was where I worked at the time.)

The reindeer & sleigh were molded chocolate & one of the reindeer legs broke when I removed it from the mold.  I glued it back together with a white chocolate cast, laying that reindeer on a gingerbread gurney.  Another deer required a blood transfusion that was a c red candy barrel attached to the wall with chocolate & the IV line was a red licorice whip.

The gingerbread staff also reflected those I worked with. The Dr had a blond buzz haircut, & the male nurse, a moustache & brown hair.  :-)