Cabinet Disaster

Cabinet Disaster

Cabinet disaster repairedI was in the midst of tearing down wallpaper in my dining room, repairing damaged plaster walls, & repainting the walls a pale golden color aptly named “Fresh Bread.”  This is “so me!”

The biggest challenge to move was a very large wardrobe that belonged to my grandfather.   It is a unique piece in that it has no nails or screws keeping it together. The piece fits together like a vertical puzzle with the crown like top fitting onto the cabinet holding it securely together.

I had completed the whole room except for the wardrobe wall.  I could not resist the urge to work around it pulling down wallpaper I could reach beside & above it using a tall ladder.

It was while on the ladder that I accidentally shifted the crown piece.  No one was home but me, & though I tried, I didn’t have the strength to put it back in place.

It was like watching a disaster in slow motion. Down it crashed! And there was nothing I could but survey the damage & pick up the pieces.  I shed a few tears, of course, did what I could preserve the part of the cabinet still standing, & called a friend who is a master builder.

I was reminded that life is a lot like that cabinet.  The pieces of our lives fit together for a purpose that should have Creator God as the head piece holding us securely together.  It is when we remove Him as the One we turn to for decision & direction that life just falls apart much like my poor old cabinet.

But God is able to repair & rebuild the most broken of lives.  He can make us useful with a renewed purpose & joy only He can give. He is the Master Builder, but only if we allow Him to be.


Confectionately Yours,