Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses



Sometimes I associate people with things they collect.  Every time I see the thing, I think of the person. 

My friend Barb loves butterflies.  She wears butterfly jewelry often, and her notes of encouragement that I receive in the mail just when I need them always have butterflies on them.

Barb has the gift of helps.  She and husband Ernie took a week of vacation time and devoted themselves to a special conference being held at our church. Months of planning went into those few days of frenzied activity.

You see, my husband had retired from the military months before, & we had moved from Dayton to San Antonio, TX for his new job.

I had flown back into town just to help coordinate the meals for this special conference.  My husband Greg made it possible because he knew how hard it was for me to leave this special church.

Every day Barb & Ernie presented me with a Diet Dr Pepper (my drink of choice at the time) along with willing hands and cheerful hearts.

We hosted 145 people, pastors and their wives, for 3 days providing a homemade lunch each day.  It was the largest crowd I had ever catered to up to that point and the execution of it gave me greater confidence for events in my future.

Barb was my cheerleader then, & she remains so today.  Due to health issues, we no longer work side by side in the kitchen, but her positive attitude on life in general and the Lord in specific radiate from this Titus 2 woman.  

I recently taught a Beth Moore study for ladies at my church.  This was a new adventure for me.  I was more confident catering for 145 people!!  :-)  But Barb was there every Wednesday night, sitting on the back row.  We laughed, we cried, & when I stumbled a bit, she nodded & smiled urging me on.

So now you can understand how I never see a butterfly now without associating it sweetly with my friend Barb.  Her smile is like a butterfly kiss to me.  

I’m sharing today one of her recipes.

Confectionately Yours,



Coca Cola Salad

1-6 oz. pkg. cherry jello
1-6 oz. pkg. strawberry jello
1 jar maraschino cherries
1-20 oz. can crushed pineapple
1- 3 oz. pkg. cream cheese, room temp.
24 oz. coca cola, room temp

Drain juice from cherries & pineapple & save the juice.  Mix the softened cream cheese with the pineapple.  Add cherries.

Mix dry jello and juices in a large pot.  Heat & stir until jello has dissolved.  Allow to cool & add coke.  This may foam up.  Allow the foam to go down & add this mixture to the pineapple/cream cheese mixture. Pour into  9×13 inch pan.  Chill until firm.

Barb says this goes great with sandwiches or even as a dessert.