Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight


 I am notorious for putting little seasonal reminders everywhere.  I am not a picture person, so I never quite remember just where this stuff was last year, so every holiday season, as it suits my fancy at the time, there go the decorations!

It happens every year….I pack up the multitude of holiday decorations & put them in their proper place.  I tidy the joint & enjoy the look of my home as it was before the rush of the holiday season.  It seems cleaner & uncluttered minus all the “stuff”, even though I thoroughly enjoyed that very same stuff just weeks before.

Then days & even weeks later, as I am in the middle of something totally unrelated to the post-holiday clean-up, my eyes fall on a random Christmas decoration I missed when I was searching with intent to pack up my stuff.

I was reminded that my sin is like this.  I can be intent on daily confession as I have my quiet time with the Lord.  I ask for forgiveness of the stuff of which I am aware.   I have a sense of peace. He has created in me a clean heart & renewed a right spirit within me like the Psalm says.  I have packed up the stuff that I needed to de-clutter my heart and taken it to its rightful place, at the foot of Jesus.

THEN as I go on with my day, it suddenly hits me…that hurt I have been harboring or a thoughtless word I suddenly realized might have been hurtful staring me in the face like that random Jingle Bell I found on a shelf.

We are told in scripture to pray without ceasing.  I love how my Lord is available 24/7.  As my limited human brain falls on this random thought, conversation with the ever present God is accessed immediately, forgiveness requested & forgiven.  It is then my responsibility to right the situation as much as I can.

Confectionately Yours,