On My Knees

On My Knees

 I have been dealing with an irritation in my life for quite some time.  It is the bed I sleep in.  It is on wheels & skitters away from me as I sit on it or moves when I turn over.  It is a minor irritation.  I didn’t even notice this when the bed was positioned on carpet, BUT in my current home, I have hardwood floors….and that bed moves ever so slightly with any movement.  For some reason, it has gotten worse.

I have tried everything I could think of to stabilize those silly castors, even down to the possibility I needed to buy new ones that lock. 

As I was cleaning my room recently, talking to the Lord as I puttered about straightening up this or that, I stripped the sheet off that bed preparing to do a load of laundry.  The bed moved, & I said, “Lord, help me to figure out something to fix this rollaway bed.  I got down on my knees to inspect those castors ONE MORE TIME.  It was too dark to see them clearly, so I ran my hands over them.

Lo, & behold, there was a tiny button to press to LOCK those castors in place.  Prayer answered!!  It was there all the time.

I was instantly reminded that we can take any source of irritation or problem to our Lord at any place or time, but often it is when we STOP & get on our knees that the answer is just waiting to be revealed. 

When we get on our knees, we are not multitasking, praying as we do other things like driving, or tidying up the joint.  Those are GREAT, mind you!!! An attitude of prayer all day long is pleasing to God.  It sure helps me get through the day!

But getting on your knees is focused stillness, prostrate before the King of Kings & the Lord of Lords. No distractions.

When I lay down tonight, I will be truly grateful that my bed will be still, & that I will know that He is God.

Confectionately Yours,