Flu Season

Flu Season

A close friend of mine came down with a really bad case of the flu.  I found out about it when the worst was over and she was ready to face eating something.  I love to cook for my friends and I love the challenge of using what I have on hand.

Hmmm….what to make?  I had a frozen rotisserie chicken that was calling my name.  My friend loves brown rice and that is gentle food to an irritated stomach.

I simmered the entire chicken, bones and all, in a large stock pot with about 4-5 cups water for about a hour.

The broth was not concentrated enough to give me the flavor I wanted, so I added to taste a product called Chicken Soup Base.  I use this a lot!! Find it in the soup section of the grocery store. It comes in other flavors like ham and beef, too.  It is more concentrated than bouillon. 

I added a tbsp or so, to taste, to the strained broth to make a flavorful stock.

I then cooked the brown rice in the chicken stock. I removed from the meat from the bones  to add to the finished soup.

Brown rice takes about a 2 ½ cups liquid to 1 cup of dry rice and that had to simmer about 45 minutes.  I tossed in some finely chopped celery and carrot during the cooking time for extra flavor, color, and nutrition.

Because she was eating for the first time after being ill, I decided not to add any herbs or spices other than some dried parsley.

The broth not used for cooking the rice & and some all-purpose flour was mixed together to thicken the soup.

Mason jars made the perfect delivery container.  Homemade chicken soup, some packaged peanut butter crackers, tea bags, and some hard candies for soothing that sore throat were packed in a basket and left on her doorstep.  Then I ran back to the car as fast as I could so I didn’t get the flu, too.  :-)

You, too, can encourage your circle of friends today with a warm bowl of love from your kitchen.  

Confectionately Yours,