F-R-O-G Fully Rely On God

F-R-O-G Fully Rely On God

 I was helping my friend Barb with a send-off for her youngest child.  We are both in that place where our young adult children as spreading their wings to fly solo. It’s a very uncomfortable for a parent.

Barb’s is especially hard, because her son, Matthew, has chosen to be a Marine.  We are so proud of his calling to this very honorable career. 

Barb is a major organizer with great attention to detail.  So much so, that she will admit to frustration when things do not go her way.  Me, too!!

However, with this particular event, the days leading up to the Open House were so full, that she had to let go of the things that she cannot control, &  just allow the Lord to give her grace.  He sure did!!

Barb & I are part of a small prayer group of women that really support one another.  

As we planned Matthew’s farewell party, Barb laughingly shared how she was rushed to the last minute to get out the mailed invitations & ended up buying them at the local dollar store.  They were not exactly ‘Marine-ish’, if you get my drift.  In fact, they had a cartoon-like little boy holding a frog.  The card invited….”Hop on over to my party.”

I reminded  Barb of the acronym …F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God!   She had never heard this one.

She would need to do this to let go of her boy, & Matthew surely need to do this to get through Boot Camp.

The Lord seemed to confirm this when Barb picked up the military themed cake she ordered for the event.  A small envelope was taped to the box.  It was a note of encouragement from the baker, whom they did not know, praising Matthew’s call to duty.  Amazingly, it was written on a card shaped like a cartoon Frog!!

You will just have to imagine us girls reading this note with tears flowing.  That card was like a little hug from God!!

I’m sharing today the recipe for Barb’s Party Pasta Salad.  We enjoyed it together the day we wished Matthew Godspeed.

Confectionately Yours,


Party Pasta Salad

Tri-color Rotini pasta, 16 oz
Pepperoni slices,( 8 oz) cut in half 
Cheddar cheese (8 oz), cut in small cubes 
Black olives (16 oz can) drain & cut olives in half
Italian Salad Dressing- 2 c.

Cook pasta according to package directions in salted water. Drain & cool completely.

In a large bowl, place the pasta, pepperoni, cheese cubes, & olives.  Pour the dressing over to fully coat all the ingredients.  Stir well, taste, & season with salt & pepper, if desired.