Hospitality 101

Hospitality 101

 A Pastor was coming for Sunday dinner.  The lady of the house planned her menu, shopped, cleaned, and prepared all week for this event.  She wanted everything to be just perfect for her guest.

She could hardly sit through Sunday school and the Worship hour as she ran these last minute preparations through her mind.  The family left as soon as the last amen was uttered to put the final touches on this special dinner.

As they sat down to ask the blessing on the meal, the pastor asked the youngest child, a boy, to say “Grace.”  The child looked down shyly, not saying a word, but the kindly pastor gently prodded him, “Go ahead, son, just say what you hear your mother pray.”

The little boy bowed his head and said, “Dear Lord, WHY did I invite all these people over for dinner??”  :-)

Does this sound like your actual thoughts when you entertain??  I confess, I’ve have these same feelings!!!  And I really do love having company over.  But it CAN be stressful!!!

In my younger days, I could cook, clean, and entertain in the same day.  As I have grown older, I plan my menu and cleaning schedule so that I can spread out the preparation over time.  As much as I love to cook, a fussy menu adds extra stresses that makes me wonder ‘WHY did I ever invite all these people over for dinner?’

Truly, I have learned that it is the sharing of oneself and the fellowship with those you love that make the time together enjoyable.  And simpler really is better!! Some of the best times I’ve ever had were over delivery pizza and a bottle of soda pop.  You don’t have to be a good cook or love to cook to entertain.

If YOU are comfortable with what you serve, your guest will be, too.  Figure out what is your style-paper plates, fine china, or somewhere in between, then relax, and have someone over for dinner soon.  You just can’t get to know folks until you make time for them.

Confectionately Yours,