Checklist for Living

Checklist for Living

When I was going through my husband’s things after his death, I rediscovered some books he had for years.  I never read them, but I remember them being unpacked with most of our military moves as we set up housekeeping all over the US.  

My husband was a Navigator by profession.  He was a list maker by design.  I used to tease him that he made lists of his lists, but I see the purpose and wisdom of list-making.  Navigators can’t rely on faulty memory banks to accomplish a successful mission.  Checking things off a list insures that start-up will be as flawless as possible.  Lives depend on this.

Rather than just tackling a job, list making allows you to think through the task beforehand.  In just a few minutes of pondering, one can trim off wasted time in abundance.  I usually start by writing what I wish to accomplish-for ex.-organizing the laundry room/pantry area.

I think about the purpose of the room, what has to be in there, what can be eliminated, and the tools needed to accomplish the goal.  I may go over this list and revise it several times before actually starting the task.  I look over the area and visualize it.  I first remove everything that I don’t want in the room. 

Having 3 clear plastic stackable boxes labeled ‘Keep’,’ Toss’, & ‘Donate’  allows me to purge the excess with purpose taking up minimal space. 

I think about how long the task will take.  I then triple that time frame.  It ALWAYS takes me longer than I think it will to do something!! *grin*

Last, but not least, I realize that even tiny steps help me reach my goal.  If I just keep at it, a little at a time, like the Apostle Paul wrote, “I will finish my course.”

My personal checklist for living is making time early on each day for reading God’s Word and a quiet time of prayer and thought.  I sometimes journal when I feel overwhelmed or want to record something God has revealed to me in my daily time with Him.  Praises and thanks are also journaled.

Oh…and those books I mentioned.  They are called, Checklist for Living and they are in my “Keep” box.  

Confectionately Yours,