Check Your Filter

Check Your Filter

A friend of mine was telling how his home was feeling cold this winter, even though the furnace thermostat was set at a comfortable temperature.  He commented on how he might have to bring out some space heaters to get through this cold weather.

A few days later, he mentioned that he checked the furnace filter.  It was filthy! After the filter was changed, the problem with the house being cold resolved.

A furnace has to work harder to do its job when the filter is clogged up with stuff!

Furnace/AC filters need to be changed monthly to every 3 months depending on the kind you buy.  They should be checked monthly regardless.

I try to manage my household in an orderly fashion.

I keep a calendar near my favorite chair in the house. I record when check or change the filter so I don’t rely on memory to keep track.

I buy 2 filters at a time so I always have a new one to replace the dirty one.  As soon as   one is placed, I head to the fridge to write down “buy furnace filters” on my to-do list.

When we accept Christ as Savior, the bible says we receive the Holy Spirit to dwell within us.  This third person of the Trinity is our spiritual “filter” so to speak.  How we respond to biblical instruction & the sin in our life is dependent on the Spirit’s leading & our following.

I know from experience that if I resist that small still voice, I can become cold & indifferent to the truth of God’s word.  It is in the quiet time of reading scripture, praying for wisdom & instruction that the Spirit renews within me.

This accomplishes several things. I am more sensitive to the needs of others.  I am more discerning of what it is the Lord wants ME to do.  My worship of the LORD God is sweeter as I realize the Spirit intercedes for me with ‘groanings that cannot be uttered’ as the Scriptures says.

So if you feel stressed today, like you are working too hard to be the Christian you should be, maybe, just maybe, your Spiritual filter needs renewal.

Confectionately Yours,