Take It or Leave It

Take It or Leave It

As a child growing up in a large family with both parents working full time, there were always 2 choices for dinner…take it or leave it!

My mother was not a short order cook, nor did she ascribe to the “Clean Your Plate” Club.  She also knew her little darlings wouldn’t starve.

My Dad liked liver & onions.  I do not. Mother loved my Daddy, so when he wanted liver & onions…we had liver & onions.

On those nights when this was served, I would tear up white bread & pour the gravy over it. There were always plenty of satisfying vegetable side dishes.  No one went hungry except by choice.

I decided early on that I, too, would not fret over mealtime with my children. There were always 2 choices for dinner!

 However, I did require that foods must be tried.  One was not allowed to look at the meal & turn their nose up at what was served!

The daughter that literally gagged over baby lima beans is now the most willing to try new things.  She still doesn’t like lima beans, but they her Dad’s favorite!

I didn’t go out of my way to make things the kids disliked, but I believe making my husband’s dinner favorite showed HIM he was MY favorite!

Jesus also gives us 2 choices in this life that will determine how we live in the next.  He said, “Behold I stand at the door & knock. If any man opens the door I will come in & sup with him & he with Me.”

The Lord has given us free reign to choose Him as Savior or refuse to open the door of our heart to Him.

He’s preparing a marriage supper for His Bride of believers, & that’s one meal I do NOT want to miss!  I don’t think we will even care what’s on the plate!!

Here’s my recipe for Baby Lima Beans, & no worries…you won’t find any liver & onions here!

Confectionately Yours,



2 lb. fresh or frozen baby lima beans
1 tsp. Ham flavored soup base or to taste
Chicken soup base, if using ham hock

1/2 c. ham finely chopped OR smoked ham hock, optional
Place beans in saucepan and cover with water 1″ above level the beans. Add ham and soup base to taste. If using ham hock, use chicken soup base as the ham hock will impart a smoky ham flavor and the ham soup base would be a bit overpowering.

Heat to boiling, then reduce heat to a slow simmer and cook until tender. Add more water,
if needed. Abundant and flavorful “pot liquor” is desired. Cooking time will be around 20-30 minutes.

Serves-8 “Yankees” or 4 Southerners. (grin)

Note: This was my husband’s favorite vegetable. I never make it without some hot buttered cornbread made in a well seasoned black iron skillet. (I got 7 of them for wedding gifts when we married! Several were different sizes to accommodate cornbread for 2 or 12.)