In Remembrance of Me

In Remembrance of Me

Resuming normal life after my husband’s death was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.  My first attempt at going back to church had me going in one door of the auditorium, dissolving into tears, then heading out the other door back my car to cry my heart out.  I never did make it to service that day.

On my second attempt, I arrived late, & had to sit near the front.  That day communion was being observed.   Had I known this in advance, I confess, I would have headed out the door again.  Seeing that table with “In Remembrance of Me” carved across the front made my heart ache!  All I had now were memories!

The room was completely silent in reverence for the service.  Tears slid down my face, then sobs.  I tried to hold it in, but I just couldn’t.  I felt incredibly alone without Greg sitting beside me, & since I was on the 3rd row, I felt my leaving would disrupt even more.

Sitting in the same pew about 10 feet away from me were a couple whose son went to school with my daughter.  We were more acquaintances than friends at the time, but Sherri got up & moved to sit beside me.  She slipped her arm through mine. Tears slid down her face, too. I was not alone in my grief.  I made it through that emotional hurdle with her help.

I had breakfast with Sherri a few days later at a local restaurant.  I learned that when her mother died, she retreated from life for almost 2 years!! No church, barely leaving the house, deep depression.  Her defining moment was when her kids told her, “We want our mother back.”  Sherri understood like no other that day just what it took to start living again after loss. 

And wasn’t it just like God to position us so close together?  So next time you are in church, look around…a ministry opportunity might be sitting just 10 feet away.

Confectionately Yours,