Tears Are A Language God Understands

Tears Are A Language God Understands

I have always been a person who cries easily, but after the death of my husband, it seems as if the floodgates opened and just will not close.

They haven’t all been tears of sorrow though.  As I listen to the wonderful choir at my church sing songs of heaven, I can’t help but cry, longing for that day when we will see Jesus!!  It is glorious to anticipate.

When I hear of others heartaches, I understand a little better what they must be going through, and tears of compassion flow.  I think it might help a little to know that someone is crying with you.

When I reflect God’s grace and provision in my life, I cry.  I am filled with gratitude that He would reach down and meet my needs in such a personal way.

Yes, there are still tears of sadness, frustration, and grief, but those too, are a language God understands.  The shortest verse in the bible is John 11:35, Jesus wept.  Christ showed his human side as he wept with Mary and Martha over the death of their brother Lazarus, all the while KNOWING that a miraculous rising from the dead was going to happen very shortly.

Sometimes there are no words that can speak greater volumes than tears.  Thankfully, I have friends who are not taken aback when a simple conversation with me turns on the waterworks.  They give me a hug and help me just hang in there. 

There is coming a day when no heartache shall come

No more clouds in the sky, no more tears to dim the eye.

All is peace forever more, on that happy golden shore,

What a day, glorious day that will be.

If today is a tearful one for you, your Lord understands, and He is waiting to comfort you as no one else can.  And some glorious day, no more tears.  He will wipe them away forever.

Confectionately Yours,