Read the Whole Recipe

Read the Whole Recipe

 I was perusing thorough a cookbook gifted to me & marking recipes I wanted to try.  I’m a pretty fast reader.  One sounded especially good for breakfast.  Both of my children were home for the day & sleeping in. 

Our schedules rarely allow this these days, so I like to get everyone’s input the night before as to what sounds good to them.  My daughter put in a request for a Marinara Sauce with pasta.  I was happy to accommodate as this could be done in advance & reheated.  A salad & homemade rolls would round out the meal.

I’m an early riser & that morning I sautéed onions, garlic, & chopped carrots with olive oil.  Canned stewed tomatoes & diced tomatoes, along with traditional Italian spices, simmered on the stove for 2 hours.  I added some precooked meatballs toward the end of cooking & this finished out the sauce.

As soon as the kids got up, I began the pancake batter I wanted to try.  Unfortunately, my ability to read quickly, allowed me to SKIM OVER the part where the quick cook oats & buttermilk mixed together needed EIGHT hours in the fridge before the next step.

There is no rule that says one can’t have spaghetti for breakfast & pancakes for supper, so I quickly switched menus to accommodate my oversight.  I heartily endorse breakfast foods for supper on a regular basis.  It is an econimical & tasty quick fix. 

The spiritual lesson here is that life doesn’t always turn out as WE plan!   Being flexible, letting go of things we cannot control, & a ‘gratitude’ attitude will make any situation more bearable.

Today I’m sharing the recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes. My Marinara Sauce can be found on the  2/29/16 post. Remember to mix the oatmeal & buttermilk the night before…or just have breakfast for dinner!

Confectionately Yours,


Oatmeal Pancakes

2 cups Old Fashioned or Quick Cook Oats (not steel cut or instant)
2 cups buttermilk
3 eggs, well beaten
1/2 cup flour
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
dash salt
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
butter or oil for griddle

Mix the oats & buttermilk.  Allow to sit in fridge for 8 hours or overnight.

Mix in the eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, & 1 Tbsp oil to make the batter.

Heat the griddle or frying pan on medium high heat. Oil the pan with either a T. of oil or butter. Ladle the pancake batter onto the griddle. When air bubbles start to surface at the center of the pancake (about 2-3 minutes), turn the pancake over.  After a minute, peek underneath to check the degree of being done.  The flip side will cook faster than the initial side, and the flip side won’t brown as evenly as the first.

Keep warm in the oven while you finish the rest of the pancakes.  Serve hot with butter & syrup.  

Note:  These reheat well in the toaster, & also freeze well.