Recognizing God’s Little Blessings

Recognizing God’s Little Blessings

My friend Carolyn related a story about her grandson Ethan that touched my heart.

You see, 6 year old Ethan has already learned what eludes most adults.  He recognizes the SMALL blessings are from God as surely as the BIG ones.

He announced to his grandmother, “Mamaw, God really gave me a blessing today!” 

Carolyn said, “Really, Ethan?  And what was that?” 

Ethan related how he got a pack of gummi candy that had 18 pieces rather than the usual 10.  It was obvious this kindergartener knew how to count & knew EXACTLY what to expect when he opened the package.  When he got MORE than he normally would, he realized this was a blessing & he had been taught that blessings come from the Lord.

It was sweet to see the simple faith of a child seeing God in something as insignificant as a bag of candy.  But here I also realized another precept from the Lord.

You see, Ethan has had the adoring attention of doting grandparents from his first day on Earth.  Ken & Carolyn are faithful followers of Christ that point the way to God in both word & deed. As they interact with their grandson, God’s provision is emphasized in such a way that now He has learned to see God in his every day. 

The bible tells us in Deuteronomy that we are to talk about God with our young ones when we get up & as we go about daily life, & in the nighttime, too.  We are to look for God in the everyday & point Him out to our children & grandchildren.  We are LIVE as we profess to believe.

When we develop this habit, we shift our focus to the Provider, rather than the provision.  We praise Him for who HE IS, rather than what He can do for us.

I’m sharing my kid-friendly recipe of Finger Jell-O.  It has a similar texture to those gummy candies I mentioned.  I like to cut it up in fun little shapes & use as a garnish atop whipped cream on a dessert.

Confectionately Yours,




2 (3 OZ.) pkg gelatin
3 Tbsp unflavored gelatin (also found in the gelatin aisle known as Knox brand)
4 c. water

Boil water. Mix gelatins together. Pour boiling water over & mix until completely dissolved.  Pour into a 9×13 pan & refrigerate until set. Cut in shapes after set.

Note: Store in a single layer to prevent sticking together.