Unacceptable Substitutions

Unacceptable Substitutions

I was driving home from work around midnight.  It was snowing heavily on a road with no street lights.  I often saw deer on this stretch of road, so I could not afford to be distracted for safety’s sake. It was pitch black outside.

My face felt dry & chapped so without taking my eyes off the road I rummaged in my bag for a tube of moisturizer.  I applied it liberally, then focused on getting home without incident.

My husband always tried to wait up for me, & that night was no exception.  I say TRIED because he was stretched out across the bed & sound asleep. :-) I leaned over to gently shake him to awaken.

He opened his eyes, took one look, & let out a yell.  Just then I caught sight of myself in a mirror.  My face was covered with a crimson colored make-up. 

The tube for my blusher & my moisturizer were exactly alike.  In the darkness I had substituted one for the other.

Greg & I had a good laugh over this as I washed the red goo off my face. I enjoyed telling the tale to my co-workers the next night.  Red blusher is an unacceptable substitution for clear moisturizer!!

I’m reminded that many folks think there are acceptable substitutions as a way to reach the LORD God.  They believe good works or living a good life will weigh the balance in their favor when they stand before Him in the end.  But Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life.  No man cometh to the Father, except by me.”

Now, my silly mistake had no lasting effect, but if one misses the one & only substitution for their sin- Jesus death on the cross, THIS will have ETERNAL consequences.  Won’t YOU place your faith in Him today? 

I’m posting a link for a general list of ingredients that can be used in place of another should this need arise in your kitchen.

Confectionately Yours,