LIVE in the Bible, & VISIT Good Books

LIVE in the Bible, & VISIT Good Books

Cure for the Common Life

 Years ago in a revival service, the evangelist repeated a phrase over & over.  So much so, we even had a calligrapher print it out, frame it, & presented it to him at the end of the week.

The phrase was “Live in the Bible, and visit good books.”  Sadly, I spent a good portion of the time after I heard this living in good books…and some, not so good-but, ultimately just VISITING with the Bible.

I confess, I found reading the bible kind of dull.  It was more of a duty than a pleasure.

This radically changed for me after a significant life changing event.  I clung to the Lord. I developed a love for His Word I never experienced before. (In fact, I asked Him for a love for His Word)  There were times that the promises I read were the only hope I could count on.  And you know what? I experienced a peace from God that truly did pass understanding.

NOW, if I miss a day reading due to the circumstances of life…I desire to get back on track the next day.  I have also developed a desire to read books that encourage and deepen my walk the Lord. 

Instead of devouring these books in a day or two-which was my usual way, I read just a chapter or so at a time, savoring the message, and letting it sink in.

One of my latest good reads was Max Lucado’s-Cure for the Common Life.  The cover is a picture of 2 sleeping dogs lounging on a sofa.   I got the impression that even if they got up and got moving, they had no purpose or intent for their time.

Seeking the Lord & following Him is a great adventure. One person CAN make a difference to others.  Cure for the Common Life encouraged me to do just that!

So remember “LIVE in the Bible & VISIT good books!”

Confectionately Yours,


PS- I received no recompense for this book review. It was just my humble opinion, & a book that encouraged me.