Developing an Allergy to Sin

Developing an Allergy to Sin

 I’ve always had sensitive skin & a rash every now & then was not uncommon.  Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself by God’s design.  In the past, the reddened itchy breakout on my hands would resolve.

However, the last episode I had lasted 4 months before I got help from a specialist.  The doctor did a skin test comparing all the soaps, cosmetics, & lotions I use.  He was able to determine exactly what I reacted to.

He explained to me that many allergies develop over time.  My body made a ‘checkmark,’ of sorts, when I made contact with the offender, then worked to heal itself.  It did this time & time again, until a limit was reached. My body said, “No more!” and the end result was a rash that WOULD NOT go  away.

I’m reminded that sin is like this. Even if there are no immediate consequences of WILLFUL sin, it will eventually catch up with you.  The bible says the sin is even ‘pleasurable for a season’, but ‘the wages of sin is death.’

Even as Christ followers, we still commit sins.  Our human nature is at WAR with our spiritual nature.  As we learn what scripture reveals & as we mature in Christ, we should develop such a sensitivity to sinful behavior, that we get a reaction within our spirit WHEN we sin.

Confession (admitting our sin) & repentance (turning away from that sin) restore fellowship with God.

I discovered an ingredient added to make certain soaps foam up was the culprit.  I am literally allergic to washing dishes…or at least the stuff one uses to wash them! 

Below is a link for instructions to make liquid hand soap from bar soap. It is really economical!  I use it in all my dispensers at home & carry it with me, too.  As for dish washing, I’m grateful someone invented protective gloves. :-)

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