Speak in a Language They Understand

Speak in a Language They Understand

 One of my earliest memories of my mother was on Saturday morning when she & I were the only ones up.  I was about 5 yr old watching Saturday morning TV, & I could hear her puttering around in the kitchen.

I remember asking her to make me a “Pop egg on toast.”  Never heard of this dish??  Mother knew exactly what I was talking about.  This was our family’s name for a fried egg.  I guess we kids called it that because you popped open the yolk .  When Mother cut up the egg on toast for me, that delicious yolk would soak into the buttery toast.  I still love a good “Pop Egg.”  :-)

My kids also renamed food & drink that only our family would recognize.  For example, the Ranch Tortilla chips in the blue bag were called “Blue Chips.”  (makes sense) Clear citrus soda was renamed “Bubble Coke.” (I have no idea why)

If you have been involved in church for any length of time, you might notice that we, too, develop a language common to us, but confusing to one who is not “in the know.”

When we were stationed in Alaska, my husband & I had a visit in our home by men from a church we had attended.  In the course of conversation, one of the men named Jim said he was a prophet.  Greg & I exchanged a look that said “What kind of crazy is going on here?” LOL

Later on we learned that the pastor of the church was teaching on spiritual gifts.  Jim had determined that his was that of a prophet, meaning in this modern day & age-a proclaimer of truth.

Jim enjoyed going out on visitation & WAS gifted in engaging folks in conversation.  He  loved telling others about Jesus.  He WAS a ‘proclaimer of truth’. He cared about the spiritual condition of others.

The challenge in sharing the gospel is to present truth simply in a way those we engage can understand.  Avoid “Church-ease”. 

Confectionately Yours,