The Kitchen Nazi

The Kitchen Nazi

 As a military family, we travelled extensively over the years.  Finding a church & a ministry was always a priority.

My husband’s spiritual gift was serving.  He could spot what needed to be done & cheerfully do it.  I tended to gravitate toward the kitchen area.  I loved setting up for banquets, funeral meals…really anything that facilitated folks getting together.

One church we attended had an elderly lady that reigned in the kitchen.  She bought all the supplies and kept the area tidy. Unfortunately, she also discouraged any helpers or church members who might want to use the kitchen outside of her strict guidelines.

I attempted to work with this lady at times. I was friendly. I even made it clear I would work within her direction, but it just seemed obvious to me that she preferred to do things herself, in HER way, & enjoy complaining that no one else ever helped.  She was one of the most joyless Christians I had ever met.  It was as if she found a LIFE verse that said, “Serve the Lord with GRIM-NESS!”

Eventually her health failed & she had to step down, but even two years after, a frozen turkey carcass with her name & the sign “Do NOT remove” was still in the church freezer.  She caused fear to reign in the hearts of strong men. LOL

I eventually gave up trying.  There are other places to serve.  But I learned a lesson or two from this ‘kitchen Nazi.’  Titus 2 encourages older women to teach the younger.  It should be done with speech seasoned with grace. 

 All of us must realize that any service is to be done with humility.  It shouldn’t be “Our way or the highway.” I have found that I learn better from those who understand my awkward first attempts, & can encourage without wounding.  Humor helps, too.

 I’m sharing a recipe to make a flavorful Bone Broth.  Just don’t use a 2 year old carcass you might find in the church freezer!!  :-)

Confectionately Yours,



5 lbs. beef soup bones, cut in 5″ lengths
3 bay leaves
6 carrots, scrubbed and halved
6-7 whole cloves, if desired
3 lg. onions, cut in quarters
1 tsp. pepper
6 stalks celery, including leaves
5 qt. water
Preheat oven to 400° F. Place bones in an oiled 12 x 17 baking pan, and bake for 30 minutes. Add the carrots and onions and cook 30 minutes longer, turning once during
that time.

When bones are deeply browned, transfer them and the vegetables to a large stockpot. Pour off the fat from the baking pan, deglaze with a little water, and add this to the stockpot.

Add the remaining ingredients, cover, and simmer for several hours, at least 5-7 hours. Remove the bones and the vegetables, then pour the stock through a fine sieve. If you want a clearer broth, line the sieve with cheesecloth. Refrigerate for several hours until the fat turns solid and remove from the stock. Use the broth as a base for soups or gravies or freeze for later use.
Note: I will admit I hardly ever make this labor and time intensive stock, but I think all cooks should know how. I often cut up a well marbled roast, brown it, and simmer with the above ingredients, adding beef soup base to make a flavorful quicker version of stock. I also have no problem using gravy mixes to add flavor to soups and stews.