Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

I have always had a special place in my heart for my kid’s teachers.  Not being especially gifted in the teaching department myself, I really wanted them to know how grateful I was for their ministry to my children.

I made a special effort to continue this in the high school years, as some teacher friends I know have informed me that the appreciation of student’s parents wane the longer they are in school.  Of course, it is more costly when there are 4-5 teachers rather than the one in grade school, BUT spread your appreciation over the school year, & you will encourage that teacher just when they need it most!!

I developed a questionnaire that inquired of them special interests, favorite treats, & any food allergies.  Since most teachers are female, I added specific questions as to the decorating scheme of their homes so that any gifts given might actually coordinate & be used, rather than collecting dust or being “re-gifted.”

I remember one male teacher who answered most of the questions about home décor with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”, but was very specific on his favorite foods & his sports team affiliation.  He made it very easy for me that year to encourage him!! ( I found it amusing that when my son heard this segment, he knew exactly which teacher to whom I referred without being told.)


A personal note was always included in our gifting.  It is important to be sincere.  Flattery is wrong, but Scripture tells a word fitly spoken is like ‘apples of gold in pictures of silver.’ Everyone likes to know that what they do matters!

Blessing our teachers ultimately blesses our children. 

Confectionately Yours,


Teacher Questionnaire

What are your favorite snacks?

Are allergic to anything?

Do you collect anything?

Your style of decorating? (ex-Country, Primitive, Modern, Shabby Chic)

Colors/Theme of your:
Living Room- 
Dining Room-

If you had one thing you wanted for your classroom, what would that be?

Favorite Restaurant-

Favorite Sport/Team-

Favorite Meal-

Favorite Activity-

Type of Books you enjoy reading (or your favorite author)