Lynn & the Poison Oak

Lynn & the Poison Oak

 In a fit of creativity, my niece Lynn & I headed to the woods behind my mother’s country home.  We harvested long vines going up a tree, and spent the afternoon fashioning them into pretty wreaths.

We took our beribboned creations and hung them on the front doors of both my mother’s home and Lynn’s parents.  Upon returning home that day, Lynn’s dad, my brother Les, took one look at our beautiful décor, and broke into laughter.  It seems we spent the day playing with poison oak.

He was merciless in his teasing.  We decided to laugh at ourselves, saying we were going to market the wreaths as gifts for ‘people you don’t like.’ THEN, we took a long stick, removed the offending vines from the front doors, and pitched them into a field across the road.

Thankfully, neither Lynn nor I had a reaction to the poison oak that day. In doing a little research, I learned that only 15 % of those who have contact with the toxic oil in the plant ESCAPE the itchy rash that can develop within hours & last 7-14 days. 

 I was reminded that what SEEMS good and LOOKS good might NOT be good for us.  Sin is like this. We might even seem to get away without initial consequences when we let a little into our lives. However, scriptures warn us that dabbling in sin is a pit and a snare.

I’m posting today a pound cake recipe from Lynn’s parents. It’s a family recipe of my sister-in-law, Jane, and reportedly a favorite of my brother Lester.

Relentless teasing aside, my brother’s warning that day prevented Lynn and me from making further “rash” decisions.  (ouch) Bad pun intended!!

Confectionately Yours,




1-2/3 c sugar
2 sticks margarine (aka OLEO)
5 eggs
1 t vanilla
2 c. self-rising flour

 Cream 1 2/3 cups sugar with 2 sticks oleo until fluffy.  Add 5 eggs, one at a time.  Add 1 t. vanilla and gradually add 2 cups self-rising flour.

 Bake in a greased & floured (I use the spray stuff) tube or bundt pan for 1 hour @325 degrees until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

(Cake is coarse, not smooth……..but that’s the way Lester likes it.  In fact, he’d rather have this recipe than any other pound cake I’ve tried.)