A Wedge & Freezer Tips

A Wedge & Freezer Tips


I was having some trouble closing the lower compartment of my refrigerator freezer.  I noticed an icy crust forming.  That particular freezer becomes the convenient repository of little bags of leftovers stored in freezer bags.

I emptied out all the contents throwing away anything unrecognizable or worse yet, stuff labeled from ages ago.  I even found things unlabeled & undated- 2 of my big “no-no’s” of the freezer!  Unless I put it in there YESTERDAY, there is NO guarantee this sad memory of mine will recall what I have stored.

A slender freezer pack had fallen behind the bottom sliding shelf & was wedged in place.  That was the culprit!!  I even remember when it slipped into that spot, but I was rushing out the door, & told myself, “I’ll deal with this later.”

Dealing with it “later” involved a complete cleanout of the freezer contents.  A sheet of ice had formed in the bottom of the freezer.  I had to get on my knees & use a carefully applied heat tool.

With quite some effort on my part, the ice was removed along with the wedged ice pack. I wiped down all the surfaces and I now had a clean & usable appliance that would once again serve its purpose.

I was reminded that in my busy life, when I allow a little wedge of sin to creep in, often unnoticed, it begins to grow-much like the frost in my freezer.

Maybe it is bitterness over my circumstances, envy, or irritations with others.  I get cold to God’s promptings until the problem gets so big that only a thorough “get down on my knees” session will make me clean again.

Thankfully, the Lord God will clean out all the clutter when the Holy Spirit turns up the heat on cold or indifferent hearts, & we intentionally deal with our sin.  We can be renewed for the purpose for which He has called us.

Below is a link to some great freezer tips, but here are a couple of my favorites:

-Most cookie dough freeze well.   I  use a scoop to place onto cookie sheets, freezing the dough, then placing in zip-lock freezer bags.  Be sure to label & date the bags.  (I usually have 2-3 different types of cookie dough in the freezer at all times.)  This has ‘saved my bacon’ more times than I can count!! :-)

-I freeze that cup of leftover vegetables or the few slices of roast & gravy in a dedicated ‘soup’ bag. When the bag is full I have all I need for vegetable soup.  (I have 2 ham bones in the freezer right now just waiting for a pinto bean craving to hit!)  

I was appalled to discover that a friend actually threw away their Thanksgiving turkey carcass!  There is flavor is them there bones!  Store them in the freezer & use within 6 months. :-)

Confectionately Yours,