Words To Live By

Words To Live By

A 50 cent vintage post card I discovered in a thrift store was so inspiring I framed it & placed it beside my favorite seat in the house. Turns out, it is an old English poem with a few variations.  It’s called…


Take Time

Take time to…

WORK, it is the price of success.
PLAY, it is the secret of perpetual youth.
THINK, it is the source of power.
READ, it is the foundation of knowledge.
PRAY, it is conversation with God.
LAUGH, it is the music of the soul.
LISTEN, it is the pathway to understanding.
DREAM, it hitching your wagon to a star.
WORSHIP, it is the highway of reverence.
HELP and ENJOY FRIENDS, it is the source of happiness.
LOVE and BE LOVED, it is a gift of God.

 If you think about it, all these things in conjunction bring balance to our lives.  Work alone is drudgery.  Play alone is will eventually bring boredom leading to a lack of purpose.  (Idle hands are the reportedly the Devil’s workshop.)  

Thinking without doing goes nowhere, but doing without thinking is impulsive & can lead to confusion & failure. 

Prayer, reading the Word of God, & worship of the Lord should be a daily priority because this is foundational for all the others.  

Confectionately Yours,