The Trip of a Lifetime-Part One

The Trip of a Lifetime-Part One

My family had a tentative plan for the summer of 2010.  Greg was going to drop me off in MS to spend some time with my mother, & he was going to take the kids to the grand opening of a theme park at Universal Studios in Florida.

I don’t really enjoy these attractions.  I hate heat, crowds, and  the hustle and bustle.  I’m really more of a stay-home-and-read-a-book kind of girl.

After the sudden death of my husband, I began to realize that I would never again be the same person I was. I wouldn’t say that I am a courageous person.  I don’t often venture outside of my ‘comfort zone.’ 

In the life that followed the funeral, I realized my fractured family needed SOMETHING to look forward to.  I also knew that a trip like this would be more fun with friends.

Greg had about 580,000 frequent flier miles to his credit when he died in Oct 2009.  I didn’t know the passcode to access them, but my friend Leah was able to help.

I asked her and two other single mom friends to go with me.  One had children still at home, so of course, they were included.  A total of eight began to plan the trip of a lifetime!

There is strength in numbers, and I knew that these ladies would help me keep my promise to my children.  (My daughter later confessed to me that she really didn’t believe this trip would happen.)

There were many bumps in the road for our trip to Florida, and the Lord came through for us at every turn.  You will just have to come back tomorrow for the rest of next leg of the journey (or type in The Trip Part Two in the search engine). 

I encourage you make a list of your computer & account pass-codes, & keep them somewhere safe.  If the unexpected happens, your loved ones will need access.  A few minutes of YOUR time will spare THEM a world of grief!

Confectionately yours,