The Trip-Part Two

The Trip-Part Two

Part Two-

 In the life that followed my husband’s funeral, I realized my fractured family needed SOMETHING to look forward to. Greg had promised a trip to a Florida theme park.  For whatever reason, it was important to me to see this through. I also knew that a trip like this would be more fun with a group.

My friend, Heather, had a dream to take her kids to Disney World. Unexpected circumstances derailed her plan, but an abundance of frequent flyer miles compelled me to invite her & her 2 kids.

That year the Disney Corporation offered a “Give-A-Day, Get-A-Day” program.

Heather took on the task to register our group of eight.  We were required to do a volunteer day (or project) in exchange for a free day at the theme park. When you realize that just ONE day costs around $100 for each person, this was a significant savings!! 

 We chose to make Easter baskets for the Fraternal Order of Police Annual Easter Egg Hunt in our community.

I was majorly downsizing my large craft room.  As I sorted through all my stuff, I unearthed so many things I had never even opened or used.  I have to admit I was rather appalled at how much stuff that I had forgotten I had! (At least my excess would bless someone else.)  I resolved to live a simpler, less stuff filled kind of life.  I believe I have.

We were asked to make 12 baskets, but we had so much stuff, we ended up with 16 gorgeous creations!  I love making gift baskets!

The Egg Hunt coordinator was overjoyed.   She said “Oh my goodness!  These are amazing!! These are wonderful! This is MORE than we expected!”

As Heather put it, “This is pretty much how we felt about our Disney trip…so much more than we expected!  God is good!!”

Check yesterday’s post for part one…and check in tomorrow for part 3.  God was in every detail of our trip, & I can’t wait to share it with you.

Confectionately Yours,