Part 4-The Trip

Part 4-The Trip

 The vacation plan had been finalized & the reservations made.  The trip was going to be a reality.  The joy was diminished a little when the opening of a new park attraction, the reason for the trip in the first place, was deferred until 2 weeks AFTER our trip ended.

I contacted Universal Studios twice with requests to enter prior to the opening.  It made sense to me that if the grand opening was 2 weeks after we were there, everything in the area would be up & running as Universal prepped for the official opening.

The Customer Relations Director named Linda was so empathetic & understanding.  She was also a Christ follower & a single mother.  This info was offered after I shared my faith in Christ in the course of our interactions.

After some research, she called me with an offer.  Folks who had purchased a Universal vacation package WERE given early access to the new attraction.  We were offered entrance if we purchased reservations for a special breakfast event the Sunday morning of our trip.  We were also offered ½ price tickets for any other days we visited the theme park.  The only stipulation was that we could not talk about the special circumstances to outsiders.  No posting on social media or talking of it outside of our little group.  I actually had to sign a gag order.  I gladly did so.

In gratitude, I wrote a thank you note & sent Linda one of my self-published cookbooks.  I feel like I give away a little piece of myself with that cookbook, & I wanted Linda to KNOW how grateful my children & I were for the way she opened doors for us.

She called me in tears after she received it.  She said, “Never in my 7 years as Customer Relations Director has anyone done anything like this for me.”  Of course I was in tears, too.

There’s more to the story.  You can read about it in the previous 3 posts. It was actually the Lord who opened doors for us as we prayed & trusted.  He loves to use His children to bless His children. (And the cool thing is when God uses YOU to bless others, you don’t feel USED.)

We worshiped & praised His Holy name around the breakfast table that Sunday morning.  May He get all the glory!

Confectionately Yours,