When Woodpeckers Attack

When Woodpeckers Attack

2009   We returned home from my husband’s funeral and began to face whatever the “norm” would be from that point on.  My to-do list seemed huge.  Daily quiet time helped me focus for the day.  I felt God’s strength, then that stinkin’ woodpecker that has been tormenting us all summer came back. 

He had been pecking holes in the cedar siding around the bay window in the master bathroom for weeks.  I ‘shoo’ him off by throwing an actual SHOE at the window trim to scare him off with the noise.  I even borrowed a BB gun, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work, soooo Mr. Woodpecker lived on.  This was probably a good thing as window replacement can be expensive.

The day he resumed his staccato rhythm I had just HAD it. There were so many frustrations that day.   I sat on the side of the bathtub looking at the window and burst into tears thinking, “Lord, haven’t I been through enough?  Greg is dead, I have all this STUFF I have to do, and this woodpecker just seems to be mocking me!!  Can’t you please take it away??”

I can’t explain why, but the thought came in my head that God would not do FOR me what I could do on my own.  “Put on your big girl britches and deal with it!!”  So, again I shooed him off.

This time he left.  I didn’t hear him again for 3 weeks.   I was in the middle of a phone call again tying up yet another loose end post funeral.  I actually grinned when I heard him, threw a shoe at the window trim, and kept on talking. How’s that for progress?

I later learned that carpenter bees were buzzing in the cedar siding.  Woody was trying to get dinner. Kill the bees-the woodpecker leaves.

The Lord heard my prayer that day.  When I just couldn’t take it anymore, He sent that bird away for a time. He allowed it to return knowing my attitude & perspective had changed in those 3 weeks even though my circumstances had not.

He HEARS the cries of the broken-hearted. Believe it!

Confectionately Yours,


Psalm 147:3 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.