Greg & the Mallo-Mars

Greg & the Mallo-Mars

IMG_20160604_091349271 My husband was working as an orderly in a local hospital when we met.  He had an Air Force ROTC scholarship, was entering his 3rd year of college, & worked full time to support himself.

Marriage experts tells us that during courtship we should observe our potential mates in a variety of situations to get an idea of a person’s character.

They encourage us to observe how stressful situations are handled, and how they talk about others when they are not around. 

Do they serve others or do THEY expect to BE served.  Does the potential mate respect their parents or authority?  What makes them angry, & how do they handle disappointment?  Can they laugh at themselves, or do they find humor in the embarrassment of others? 

I was unaware of all the marriage experts suggest, but I did see my young man in all these situations.

One of significance to me occurred as we cared for an elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease named Hiram.  He was a farmer in his working days.  He thought he was still on the farm, & every night when put to bed, he fretted about how he was going to feed the mule & attend to the cows.  Greg would step out of the room for a few moments, then come back in & announce that they were all fed, watered, & in the barn.  Hiram would relax & drift off to sleep.

Hiram also loved Mallow Mars, a soft marshmallow filled cookie covered in chocolate. Greg would buy them for him even though his meager salary often left him eating popcorn for supper.  Hiram had no idea WHO Greg was, but he did recognize a Mallow Mar when he saw it.  :-)

What I saw was a kind and thoughtful young man full of humor who cared about others more than himself.   I am so grateful the Lord brought us together!

Confectionately Yours,


Note-This cookie is basically a S’more.  The base is a graham cracker, the filling a marshmallow, then dipped in chocolate.  Easier to buy than to make.  The Aldi brand is the one shown below.

IMG_20160604_091221596 (1)