It’s a ONE YEAR anniversary!!  Whoohoo!!

It’s a ONE YEAR anniversary!! Whoohoo!!

Today is the anniversary of the re-formatted Confectionately Yours.  I’ve been privileged to share my thoughts on hospitality & “seeing” God in the every day of life.

This is significant to me as SEVEN years ago YESTERDAY, my faithful, sweet, loving, caring husband, Greg, left this world for the next.  God has been so faithful to comfort, provide, and stir the hearts of my friends & family to ‘be there’ for me and my kids.

While this grief is never completely over in this life, Jesus will someday wipe away the tears.  We are to ‘occupy until he comes.’  Greg’s death has made me and my kids more empathetic to the hurts of others, kinder, more open to His will for our lives.

I felt as if I almost became a new person in the months/years after Greg’s death. I sought the Lord in a deeper way than I ever had before. I learned so much of who He is.

I made some impulsive decisions, but God even worked out my ‘mistakes’. (I bought an old home in Xenia, OH closing on it December 29th, less than 3 months after Greg died.  (BTW, Xenia means ‘hospitality’)

My first night in an empty creaky old house, I had nothing but a radio/CD player.  I found a local Christian radio station 100.7 FM WEEC that kept me company that night.  I haven’t changed the dial since.

Little did I know that this wonderful ministry would loom so largely in my future!  About 10 days before the year anniversary of Greg’s death, an opportunity to be interviewed by the producer of the morning show ‘Circle of Friends’ presented itself.

Caroline, the producer, had requested listeners to come in to the station by appointment & share their walk with the Lord, their passions, and their ‘story.’   I showed up with a self published cookbook, 2 kinds of cookies, and a testimony of God’s grace (especially in this last year!)  I was the first to be interviewed.

Caroline & I connected on so many levels.  She facilitated the start of Confectionately Yours as a two day/week segment featuring topics on hospitality/home-making and seeing God ‘show up’ in the every day of Life.

I wrote and recorded these segments for 5 years, sometimes coming into the studio as a guest live on air to share ideas on hospitality.  This led to being live on-air with Caroline during the morning show for a time.

Our parent company, Strong Tower Christian Media, made the decision to move WEEC and our sister station, WFCJ, into one building.  Guess where they moved?  Xenia, OH, 2.2 miles from my impulsive home purchase.  LOL  (God is amazing!!!)

While the transition was happening, I did live on-air with Caroline for a time.  We scrapped the old Confectionately Yours because it sounded kind of weird to have a recorded segment of the same person on at the same time being ‘live.’

When the regular co-host returned to his morning show duties, I was offered opportunity to reformat Confectionately Yours into a Monday- Friday 2 minute program.  I reworked most all of the old segment to fit the new format, adding new ones as God gave me ideas.

Our sister station, WFCJ, picked up the segments a couple of months ago.  Who knows what the Lord has in store? *grin*

Below is a link to that first segment…and as always, I am…

Confectionately Yours,


The Beginning