As I was reading 2 Kings 4, I came across the word “commissary” in the commentary.

THIS caught my attention because I was a military wife & shopped the commissary often- just think of it as a supermarket for military personnel.

The word commissary also means “one delegated to execute a duty or office.”  King Solomon designated 12 men to provide food for his household on a rotating basis.  One man for each month!

I was floored to hear the provisions required for just ONE DAY of meals.  It went something like this…300 bushels of fine flour, 600 bushels of meal, 10 fattened oxen & 20 from the pasture, 100 sheep, besides unknown numbers of hart, roebucks, fallow deer, & fatted fowls. 

These commissary officers DELEGATED others to go searching for deer so provision of these was dependent on how good the hunting was.  Wow!  That is one BIG DINNER!!!

The bible called these provisions ‘victuals'(vittles) (Yes, Granny Clampett pronounced it correctly!)  Vittles are by definition “food usable by people.”

As believers in Christ the Savior, each of us are commissaries of the Lord God, delegated to execute a duty.  The Holy Spirit dwells within us to teach, guide, & direct.  We are gifted a spiritual gift from the HS to help us execute our duty.

Some of these include serving, giving, administration, preaching, teaching, giving & mercy.  There are several more.  If YOU have no idea YOUR spiritual gift, I encourage you to pray & ask the Lord to help you discover your giftedness.   What you are good at & really enjoy doing is often a clue to your gift.

Below is a link to help you discover YOUR spiritual gift.  Then get out there & be a commissary of the Lord!

Confectionately Yours,