The Crimson Bridge

The Crimson Bridge

 I have a fear of heights.  Because of this, I don’t enjoy the sensation of crossing large bridges. 

 About a year after I married, a friend from college came to visit.  My husband was in training at Mather, AFB in Sacramento, California. He was unable to take off during the week, so my friend Donna & I set out to see San Francisco all by ourselves.

It wasn’t until we got to the Oakland Bridge that I realized that to get into San Francisco, you had cross that very large bridge.  I voiced my fear as Donna sat placidly beside me.

I told her we would go to the Golden Gate Bridge, but we were NOT crossing it.  Silly me!! Once we got into the lane of traffic, there was NO getting off.  She laughed at me the whole time I drove white knuckled over the Golden Gate & once again to return.

As a country girl, I had never experienced that kind of traffic or the one-way streets and hills one is confronted with in this beautiful city.  These were also the days of NO GPS.

It was in the midst of this fray that Donna admitted she didn’t know how to read a map!  I was on my own.  Somehow I managed to get us to Chinatown.  We spent the rest of the day there.  Needless to say, Donna enjoyed HER trip, & I had a migraine by the time we got home!!

I often thought of this crazy excursion the year our church choir performed an Easter musical called The Crimson Bridge.  It began like this:

There is a bridge that joins both God and man
A Crimson Bridge that spans eternity.
The only way to pass from death and enter life
The Crimson Bridge called Calvary.

 We don’t have to navigate life alone or wonder if we will make it to God when THIS life is over.  Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Jesus is the Crimson Bridge.

Confectionately Yours,