Of all the things I struggle with the most, organization and self discipline seem to give me the most despair!  If I were to make a New Year’s resolution, getting organized office-wise and posting my segments BEFORE they air on the radio would be top ‘o the list.  (I won’t because I resolved this year to not make any resolutions) HA!

Please be patient with me!  God is NOT done yet!

Here are the repeated segments that will run this week on WEEC and WFCJ (How I love this ministry!!!)

Happy New Year,


Monday January 2 Offering-

The Year Round Christmas Tree

Tuesday Jan 3rd Offering-

I Dreamed a Dream

Wednesday January 4th Offering-

The Light At the End

Thursday January 5th Offering-

Getting It All Together

Friday January 6th Offering-

Butterfly Kisses