I dropped off my contribution to the pot luck dinner. I told the kitchen ladies I’d be back right after Sunday School to help.  I jokingly told them I had counted the rolls and would KNOW if any missing when I returned.

I had already heard the lesson that morning, so I decided to go back to the kitchen. I no sooner hit the door when I saw 4 ladies chowing down on those homemade rolls!

Laughter broke out as they realized they were totally busted.  We laughed even harder as the ladies confessed they had even checked the hallway for my presence BEFORE they decided to share 2 rolls between themselves.

 I literally walked into the fellowship hall right after my friend Heather had done lookout duty catching those girls in the act.  “Be sure your sins will find you out!” proclaims Numbers 32:23.

As I grinned over this occurrence on the drive home, I remembered a hot summer day in August. My Daddy had brought home a huge grocery sack of butterbeans and told me and my little sister to shell them for supper.

We ‘slaved’ over those beans all afternoon (in an air-conditioned house watching TV mind you).  Three-fourths of the way through, we decided we could NOT SHELL ONE MORE BUTTERBEAN!”

We piled the hulls on top of the unshelled ones. THERE, duty done, and no one was the wiser.

Later that day Daddy took that bag of hulls and dumped them over the pasture fence for the cows.  BUSTED!

My Daddy’s tone of voice was kindly matter-of-fact when he told us to never do that again.  We meekly said, “Yes, sir.” If memory serves, we never did.

Our Heavenly Father readily forgives when we confess our sins and ask for pardon. He will always extend mercy. Since God is ever present and all knowing, we must realize that we are always BUSTED.

I have shared my recipes for Butterbeans and Homemade Rolls on previous segments.  The links to those can be found at Confectionatelyyours.info.

I’m Sue Murphy, BUSTED, and I am Confectionately Yours

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