Sometimes social media can be of real benefit.

I had been bemoaning the feeling of being overwhelmed with the clutter of my life.  I didn’t know where to start, and knowing that I couldn’t give the time to a major top to bottom house- cleaning, I simply did nothing.

For me, an orderly home is so restful.  I love that feeling!!

I suspect I am also a SAD person…one with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Cold dreary days on days with no perceived end in sight SAPS my energy and weighs me down.  Honestly, I didn’t even put up decorations this past year because I couldn’t stand the thought of adding seasonal clutter on top of the usual clutter.

Anywho….back to social media…a website popped up in my feed that gave me HOPE!!!  This gifted lady had been where I now was.  She figured out a way to divide and conquer.  She shared her tips freely and made me realize that perfectionism can paralyze.

Yes, it was perfectionism I was drowning in…that sense that I couldn’t get this home is order with the time & energy I had, so I just never began at all.

There are monthly disciplines that one is encouraged to do every day.  I’ve discovered the completion of these simple acts led to doing more than is asked.  January’s discipline was one household task.  She called it ‘shining your sink.’ 

A thorough cleaning of the kitchen sink to make is shine was the first step.  The task of keeping it emptied was the challenge.  Email reminders drop into my inbox of the daily disciplines.  Even 15 minutes of focused decluttering has led to that feeling of peace in my home. 

While I haven’t yet conquered it I see real progress. My energy level has even increased. If YOU have no idea where to start, below is the link to the website I have referenced.

Confectionately Yours,


PS-FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself.  When you have a plan to conquer the clutter, you can actually enjoy your home.  You can FLY and feel freedom that your home doesn’t have to perfect to be a blessing.