My Mother’s Best Friend

My Mother’s Best Friend

 I was visiting my Mother.  She planned for me to drive her to a monthly meeting of the Red Hat ladies.  My mother’s best friend, named Pencie, was asked to pray before the meal.  Her quiet words were loving and respectful. She ended her prayer to God with that phrase we all want to hear.  She said, “I love You.”

There was emotion and intimacy in her tone of voice. I was especially touched by this because I knew how hard things were for her.

I count Pencie as a major influence in my life. Her daughters were my playmates in grade school years & in my teen youth group. Her home was always open to my sister & me.  It always amazed me that she actually seemed to enjoy having us around.

She took me to the orthodontist when my own mother was at work. I owe my smile to her.

She affirmed good decisions we made.  She wasn’t critical in the bad ones, but with gentleness & tact influenced our young world.  She always looked for the positive in any situation and pointed it out.

She was and IS a Godly woman affecting her world for the Lord she loves & serves.

I saw this gentle strength in the way she prayed that day, and how she spoke to the invalid husband who was dependent on her. Even though his care was round the clock, she found time to be a Meals-on-Wheels deliverer.  She reads good books & passes them on.  She finds humor in everyday things and loves to laugh.  Simply put, she cares about those around her.

So today…think about those folks who were the “Pencie” in YOUR life…and tell them how much you appreciate them!  I just did.

Confectionately Yours,