Ever Wonder Why Someone Comes to Mind?

Ever Wonder Why Someone Comes to Mind?

My friend Wayne has a wonderful ministry to widows and single moms.  He prepares their taxes for free.  He also gives a discount to pastors.

I was on my way to his office when the name of a random lady from my church came to mind. This was strange because I didn’t know her really well, and she had passed away several months before.  Why was she coming to mind now?

Miss Joyce was a godly mother and grandmother.  She had been married for over 60 years, and was known for her Taco Salad.  Folks at my church checked out the pot luck table to see just where her contribution might be, and that’s the line they got into.

As I entered the reception area at Wayne’s office, a young friend of mine was also there. I hadn’t seen Kirk in probably 4 years!!  He is a dynamic young preacher that grew up in my Dayton, Ohio church. 

He came as a preschooler as result of our bus ministry. He accepted Christ as Savior as a child and grew up in our church.  Kirk went off to Bible school, came back as pastor to the youth and singles of our church for a time until the Lord directed him to start a new work in Cincinnati.

He also happens to be married to Miss Joyce’s granddaughter, Karen!! 

It was great catching up on all that the Lord had done in his life since our last meeting. We actually talked and laughed so loudly that Kirk said, “There’s too much personality going on in this room right now!”

To which I replied, “Then you better tone it down, Mister!”  (I do like to be the center of attention.) :-)

You can find Joyce’s Taco Salad recipe below.  If you need a good tax man, I will post the link to Wayne’s website, too.

Miss Joyce left behind a legacy of faith, family, friendship, and food.  I’m so grateful the Lord brought her to mind that day, and I’m grateful for the reconnection with Kirk, sharing a laugh or two before we got our taxes done.

 Laughter relieves stress, and I nothing more taxing than, well, taxes!

Confectionately Yours,


 Joyce’s Taco Salad

Bag of Doritos, crushed (set aside)
1 lb Hamburger
2 pkg Taco seasoning mix
Kidney beans-1 can, well drained
1 head lettuce
8 oz shredded cheese
2 tomatoes

Brown hamburger and add one pkg taco seasoning mix following the pkg directions.

Wash lettuce and slice thinly.  Do this the same day you serve the as lettuce edges can turn brown if done too far in advance. Cut up tomatoes.
Drain the beans.

Layer lettuce, tomatoes, meat, beans.


Thousand Island dressing
Sour cream
Taco seasoning (the second pkg.)

Mix Thousand Island with sour cream and taco seasoning . Do it to your tastes. Put cheese, dressing, and chips on top when ready to serve.

Here’s the link to my friend’s Tax Business-



Here is the link to Kirk’s Church in Cincinnati-Revive City Church