Nursing Home Testimony

Nursing Home Testimony

 I was in a nursing home and witnessed a most extraordinary thing.  It was a bustling, busy place-lots of activity and noise.

In the midst of this, my hearing honed in on an elderly lady in a wheelchair.  It was obvious she was dependent on others for her very life.  She could not feed, dress, or care for herself in any way.  She did not respond to conversation directed towards her, nor could she even make her needs known.

She sat in a wheelchair seemingly disengaged from her surroundings, but from that confinement, I heard her recite Scripture after Scripture.

She spoke non-stop, the words of one verse flowing into the words of another. When she exhausted these, she quoted the words from hymns. Old Rugged Cross, There is A Fountain, Great is Thy Faithfulness.

I stood there in awe, and just listened for several minutes. I asked the facility nurse if this was her usual behavior.  She reported that unless asleep, she recites like this all day long.

I know nothing about the history or life of this woman, but one thing I do know.  She was so familiar with the Bible that with the last vestige of her being, she poured out the only thing she had left-the Word of God and the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of which the Scriptures speak.

Studies show that the average Christian knows only a few verses by memory. Many that come to mind for me were learned as Scripture songs-a great way to learn Truth.

An article I read recently proclaimed that reading a verse 50 times continually was the key for a man who had memorized several complete chapters of the Bible.

This experience made me wonder…if the written Word was lost to me, how much Scripture would I have tucked away?  I resolved to be more intentional in this area.  After all, the Bible tells us the Word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, rightly dividing the word of truth.  His Word will never return to us without effect.

Below is the link to the article I mentioned.

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