We’ve Been Skunked

We’ve Been Skunked

I was drinking my morning coffee when my daughter came downstairs and said she was awakened by a terrible stench.  Now that she mentioned it, I noticed it, too.

I wondered if it might be a gas leak.  The smell was stronger in the basement where the furnace and gas hot water heater reside. 

I decided NOT to take any chances and call the gas company.  We were told to immediately evacuate the house.  We did!  It was evident when we went outside that a skunk had been in the very near vicinity.

A nice young man named Josh arrived and entered my home with a hand held gas and carbon monoxide detector.  He gave us the ‘ALL CLEAR’ and proceeded to further investigate all areas of my home.

Josh assured me that he gets called out often to check homes when folks can’t discern the difference between a skunk and the rotten egg smell intentionally added to the gas line.

He told me women have a greater sense of smell than men, especially younger women.  This accounts for my daughter being awakened by the stench.  My research confirmed this.

 Josh told me a frightening story of a family with 5 kids that had their home checked.  The end result was NO gas leak, but significant buildup of carbon monoxide!!

This gas is odorless, colorless….and deadly!!!

The family had a combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector! Josh said that often the smoke detector is placed high toward the ceiling because smoke rises, but a carbon monoxide detector is most effective when placed near the VENT where air circulates.

A CM detector should also be placed near gas appliances and in the room where you sleep so it can be heard if it goes off.

The tips given to me by the gas company are found at the link posted below. Two important ones are- do not use your cell phone or computer inside the house should you suspect a gas leak. Please take time to put your gas company number in your phone TODAY!

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