With every move my family made, the challenge was always in making new friends.  These folks would be our community, our support.  We, in turn,would be part of theirs.

 In most cases, whatever church we attended would be our greatest source of potential.  Work and school would be another. 

Even after my husband retired from the military, we moved 3 times.  I met my friend Karen in Ft Wayne, IN. She my first friend there.   Our daughters were in the same grade.

Karen & I connected on some level I still don’t understand fully. We just “got each other.”

We have very little in common interest-wise, and didn’t see each other with regularity.  BUT 20 minutes into catching up over coffee, we were gabbing away with ease, & sharing our lives & insights about everything… God, family, things we are going through or dealing with, our future dreams, etc.

Karen’s Mom, Dixie, also invited us into her world.  Once a year Dixie would host a girl’s weekend.  We made crafts for Christmas gifting, shared stories, ate decadent treats and enjoyed being together. 

Three generations of women gathered.  Childhood memories were relived.  New stories were told. The older women would teach the younger.  The younger would open up as to what was going on in their lives.  There was lots of laughter.

I don’t suppose today’s recipe is really a recipe, as such, but I associate this treat with Karen’s mother and the craft weekend at her home.  I call it ‘Dixie Mix.’

It is simply combining equal parts candy corn and dry roasted peanuts.  Bowls of this were scattered about the craft table to snack on at will.  The combination of sweet and salty is really good together…almost as good as the friendship and relationship that occurs when we are intentional in getting together.

Confectionately Yours,


PS-I had the privilege of catering Don and Dixie’s 50th wedding anniversary, one of Karen’s daughters graduation party, and for a time, senior luncheons at Dixie’s church. FUN, FUN!!