Goof OFF

Goof OFF

You know you are a challenged -Do-It-Yourselfer” when you literally have to throw away your work clothing in the middle of a project!

My latest “adventure” involved a neat wooden cabinet found at a yard sale.  It needed refinishing and I was trying a product new to me that had stain AND polyurethane in one step.

I had covered my work surface to protect my deck and was using a kneeling bench with handles to work on the lower part of the cabinet.  This handy bench allows me to have a sturdy grasp when I am getting up from the ground.  I use it for all projects indoors and out that require this change in position.

The project was going well.  The poly/stain combo was looking good.  I was working quickly as this product requires a very thin coat and it gets sticky if you try to go back over it.

As I began the brush strokes on the front of the cabinet, I moved the stain can a little closer to me.  I bumped the can accidently and slopped that sticky stain all over the bench, my jeans, and portions of my deck!

It soaked through my jeans and stained my legs in the process.  No amount of soap and water will get THAT off! 

I was reminded how stubborn the stains of my personal sin can be.  My past haunts me sometimes. God always forgives when I humbly ask. He cancels out my sin.  It is in MY acceptance of that forgiveness that breaks the power of cancelled sin.

 Satan throws my forgiven sin back in my face. The Evil One loves to see us humiliated and defeated. God says, “I will remember your sin no more.”

Don’t let your past goof-ups stain your present life when God has forgiven you through the shed blood of Jesus.

Here’s the product I used to remove my ‘goof-up’.  My finished project is in the garage as it didn’t fit in the spot for which I intended. (And NOBODY needs to see that!) :-) 

Confectionately Yours,