The Lord Will Provide

The Lord Will Provide


God knows your needs even before you do.  He has always been faithful to provide for us, but I really wanted my kids to experience this firsthand as young adults who were trying to navigate this life without the help of their earthly dad.

It was on the October trip home to Ft. Wayne from Mississippi after my husband’s funeral that we arrived 3 hours early to the airport gate in Cincinnati.  We had a direct flight and my friend Judi was picking us up.

Shortly after settling in, an attendant announced that the flight was overbooked and offered a $400 transferable voucher that could be redeemed anytime in the next year.  My two kids and I were the ONLY ones sitting at the gate.

If we accepted the offer, we would leave on a flight in one hour that would change planes in Detroit but get us home one hour LATER than originally planned.

A quick call to Judi confirmed that she was willing to adjust her pickup time, and we accepted the offer.

In the days following, my kids and I began the process of adjustment to life would without their dad.   

My daughter had been hoping to take a six week college course that involved a trip to South Korea during the summer.  She confessed to me later that she feared I would veto the trip.  Her dad was the savvy world traveler.  I am a homebody.

I told her I it was OK as long as I didn’t have to figure out how to make it happen.  I gave her the vouchers.

She applied for her passport and I prayed God would work out the details.  Her ticket to South Korea came to 1500$. The school gave each student a $300 grant.  With the vouchers and the grant money, God provided the entire amount.  Emily had an incredible experience, and we take great pleasure in giving the Lord all the credit.

Ask God to show up in your daily life and ask Him for the ability to recognize Him when He does.  I guarantee you He surely will.

Confectionately Yours,


Note-Emily came home with a funny story about a Korean dish called “Bibimbap.” I’ve never made it, but here’s a link to someone who has. (Emily hopes she never has to eat it again.  Apparently, the South Koreans over-served this dish when she was there.)